The Beginning

It all started in 2019 after I had completed my first year of college doing my bachelor in Pharmacy. Since I stopped doing sports like judo and karate, which I started as a child, I hadn’t exercised for a year or two.

I wanted to focus on graduating from high school and getting into college but due to stress my eating habits became worse as well. Eventually this all led to me being 20 pounds heavier and not feeling good physically and mentally. 

This came as a shock, so I wanted to make a lasting change. I asked my friends and brother if they wanted to go to the gym with me and so my journey began.

The Journey

At first I went once a week and was restricting my calories too much. It did help me lose weight but I felt deprived and exhausted, so it wasn’t sustainable.

That’s why I started researching more about diet and gymlife in general. I downloaded all kinds of workout and meal plans but it was hard to keep to them.

Eventually the end of 2019 was coming near and I truly wanted to reach my goal, however then the biggest obstacle was yet to come…

The Pandemic

I remember that I just got into the habit of going to the gym 2x a week and having an actual cardio & strength program, since I saw how much fun dancing was and how important weightlifting is.

But then… lockdown came and we had to stay inside when everything was closed. No more going to the gym, no more social activities but only a depressive, anxious and stressful period.

On top of that my health declined, as I struggled with severe eczema. All of this led to me being at the lowest point of my life and desperate for a change.

Seeing Results

After this, luckily, everything went uphill. I started researching my triggers and learned to improve my diet and mindset. I started to feel better and better, while summer was also coming.

The gyms opened again and we were allowed to interact more with people. I was more dedicated than ever and made a plan that I could stick to with the help of others as well.

Since then, as the ball was rolling, I started to see changes within months. I gained muscle, lost fast and started a TikTok to help others with their fitness journey. My eczema basically disappeared due to lower stress, exercising and a proper diet, and I set more goals for my future.

Goal Setting

For 2021 I made a list with my goals, including working on physical health (diet, skincare, fitness, dancing, yoga) and mental health (graduate without stress, learn new skills such as spanish and cooking, do fun activities with others). I wanted to invest in my future and started to get more into reading, saving, investing etc. 

By 2022 I was hoping to start an online business and optimize all my daily habits. I spend a lot of hours watching ‘How to’ videos on Youtube and reading many blog posts. However, it was too much at once, so I didn’t hit every goal this year.

On the other hand, I did get into the habit of listening to the Mindset Mentor podcast, which truly boosted my beliefs and got me into a positive, growth mindset.

Finally, I bought the 6-minute journal and started to reflect more upon my life, which made me see the power of the mind. I eventually got into the habit of mediation, which also was very beneficial for my body.

Mind, Body & Spirit

As I was working on my mind and body, I decided that 2023 would become the year of working on my spirit. My life of faith was very different the past years but now I am more dedicated to the Most High.

I was invited to a Bible course and started to make more time for praying, worshiping, gathering with like-minded people and serving others. Now, I’m more at rest and have a feeling of purpose and peace, which gets me to the end of my story.

The End

To be honest, there’s actually never an end to your self improvement journey! As you get a step further, you probably are excited to reach another goal and become the best version of yourself.

I myself still have many wishes, among which is creating a thriving blog to help others like you. I’d love to be able to work using my passion for teaching and spread my knowledge on things like fitness, nutrition, mindset or religion.


Now you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to change like I did, right? Let me help and guide you on all the steps of your journey!

We can have a chat or you could just start reading for yourself using the blog posts I’ve made. I honestly think everything is possible, if you change your mindset and go for it.

Think about your future self and decide to Thrive Her Life, because now is your time to flourish!

With all my love and best wishes,